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Frequently Asked Questions


Will my medical aid cover my treatment?

We are contracted to most medical aid schemes, and will submit claims directly. It cannot be guaranteed that all treatments will be covered by your medical aid, and it will often depend on the amount available in your savings. Please discuss this with your medical aid before attending therapy.


Do you see patients who have been injured on duty?

Yes we do! We treat patients who have been inured on duty, working towards returning to work. Work site visits are conducted if necessary.

Patients who have been injured on duty are required to please bring their referral letter from their doctor, and all documentation relating to the claim.


Should I attend therapy if I still have wounds or pain?

Yes! Our therapists can assist in managing your pain and wounds together with working towards other therapy goals. Attending therapy can help to relieve your pain, and allow an easier journey throughout your recovery.


Do not put off attending therapy due to pain and wounds.


Is there a difference between a custom splint and a brace from the pharmacy?

Yes! The custom splints we fabricate are moulded to each individual patient, allowing for the perfect fit and design for your specific condition. Our splints can be adjusted whenever necessary. Off the shelf braces may be ill-fitting, and could possibly cause additional pain due to unwanted pressure or positioning.


Could my work environment and positioning be causing my pain?

This is definitely possible. Keeping your shoulders, elbows and wrists in certain positions for a long period of time (e.g. typing on a keyboard for the whole day) may result in nerve compression and serious pain and pins and needles. Adjustments and adaptations to your work environment can help settle these symptoms


How long will it take until I am able to do my daily activities and the things I love again?

Our Therapists guide you through the process of regaining your function and independence. It is important not to force things! Together, you will work with your therapist to achieve the goals you have set out. It may be difficult and frustrating in the beginning, but hard work and perseverance pays off!

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